Sharece Blakney’s Research for Mural Arts Philadelphia

This morning, we are applauding our very own Sharece Blakney for her work with Mural Arts Philadelphia!

Mural Arts Philadelphia recently posted about Blakney’s research project, and included an excerpt from her essay titled “Equally Free With Myself: Slavery, Manumission, and Indentured Servitude in Kingsessing Township, 1780-1850.”

Congratulations again to Sharece Blakney! We love to see Rutgers Graduate History students excelling, both in the university sphere and in the surrounding communities. 

Poor Richard’s Junto NEWSLETTER!

This past week, Poor Richards Junto (our campus’s Graduate History Club) published the first volume of their new bimonthly newsletter, designed by our very own McKenna Britton, a graduate student in the Public History program at Rutgers-Camden.

Download the PDF below to learn about “historical happenings” in the area, gain some study advice, and add a new book to your reading list! Check back in March for the next edition. Happy reading! 

Poor Richards Junto Newsletter Vol. 1

Congratulations: Fellowships

We offer our congratulations to three of our graduate students today!

Sharece Blakney, Brittney Ingersoll, and Matt Ward have all received research fellowships from the graduate school to support their travel to archival collections. Well done! 

Congratulations to Matt White

Matt White, who is now pursuing his PH.D. at Ohio State after earning is MA at Rutgers-Camden, has just published the essay “‘The Cause of the Workers Who Are Fighting in Spain is Yours’: The Marine Transport Workers and the Spanish Civil War” in a new collection of essays from Pluto Press titled Wobblies of the World: A Global History of the IWW.

Congratulations to Matt!

Below is a link for the collection of essays mentioned.