Department of Archives and Special Collections Princeton Theological Seminary Library Princeton, New Jersey

The Archives and Special Collections Department of the Princeton Theological Seminary Library, Princeton, NJ, is offering a 14-15 hour per week paid internship, beginning in early May, 2017. Our internship offers an opportunity to learn about the many functions an archivist is called upon to fill in an academic archives and rare books department. The activities include reference and patron assistance, acquisition and record-keeping procedures, preparation of exhibits, and the processing of collections—inventory, arrangement and description, the development of finding aids, etc. There may also be some opportunity for basic preservation work, such as the construction of phase boxes.

The major requirements are current enrollment in an information science or library science or history graduate program and a faculty member at the student’s institution willing to act as a liaison contact. Unfortunately, due to restrictions placed by our HR department, we can only accept applicants still taking courses. Once students have graduated they are no longer eligible for this internship. A background or interest in religious or theological studies and a basic course already completed or being taken concurrently in archival theory or practice are preferred.

Interested persons should contact Kenneth Henke, Curator of Special Collections and Archivist, Princeton Theological Seminary Library, 25 Library Place, Princeton, NJ 08540 (or with a brief resume and indication of relevant coursework or experience.