Course registration for the fall 2016 semester begins next week. I invite all of you to make an appointment to see me if you have questions about the courses and your schedule for completing your degree. If you plan to take the graduate internship course you must meet with me to get a special permission number and to review your internship plans.

The course schedule for fall is:

Monday: Readings in US History 1945-Present (N.B. This course         counts for the Global track and requirement), Professor Kapur

Tuesday: Craft of History, Professor Thomas

Wednesday: Readings in American History, 1820-1898, Professor          Shankman

Thursday: Research in American History, 1898-1945 (N.B. To               register for this course you must have taken the Readings in        American History, 1898-1945), Professor Epstein

           Issues in Public History, Professor Mires