the Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities in its inaugural year. We are excited to enter our sophomore year and are in the process of devising opportunities for graduate student participation. We are soliciting interest from the graduate student community for participation in our Research Forum, informal works in progress series, and skill building workshops, both over the summer and during the 2015-16 academic year. Summer 2015 Workshops – We are planning either a daylong event, or a series of shorter sessions, where graduate students will have a chance to discuss and get feedback on their work. This program should of particular interest to those working on dissertation proposals this summer, but is open to all. Works in Progress, 2015-16 – Held roughly twice a month in the fall and spring semesters, this workshop provides students and faculty have the opportunity to get feedback on their work (chapters, articles, conference papers, job talks, and book proposals) – at all levels of progress –in a relaxed and informal setting. All disciplines are welcome. Skill-building workshops, 2015-16 – We plan to organize a series of seminars on subjects including mapping and data visualization throughout the 2015-16 academic year. Mellon Forum for Research on the Urban Environment – The intellectual core of the Princeton-Mellon Initiative, the Mellon Forum is an ongoing, flexible colloquium for the discussion and critique of faculty and graduate student research that engages urban topics across disciplines. Faculty and students are given the opportunity to present their research to the Princeton-Mellon community, whether a design, model, film chapter, performance, or particular source or problem for discussion. If you have research that you’d like to present, we are accepting presentation proposals for our 2015-16 Research Forum on the Built Environment on the theme of City as Home. We encourage a broad understanding of “Home” that may include issues and themes ranging from Property, Form, Belonging, and Family, to Housing, Habitation, and Futures, among others. These are only a fraction of the programs and opportunities we have planned for students and emerging scholars in the coming academic year. If you have an interest in participating in one or more of these programs, please fill out the following web form: